June 12, 2024


At one time or another, everybody has a craving for something sweet, whether it’s chocolate, sugary candy or soda.
Thankfully there are many places to buy these snacks whenever these cravings get to be too much.

But have you ever thought about how much money you’re spending on snacks? Is it cheaper to get your snacks from the vending machine or your local variety store?
Here’s a list of items purchased at Conestoga compared to the same items bought at the Petro Canada convenience store across the street.

The Sanctuary had their candy bars listed at $1.60. The variety store had regular-sized bars at $1.59. Soda from the vending machine costs $2.50 while soda at the Sanctuary and variety store costs $1.99.

The most expensive items were the energy drinks. They cost $4.51 at the Sanctuary. They were cheaper at the variety store, costing $2.19 to $3.19.
But are there places where you can get snacks for less?

“I find it’s cheaper to go to the dollar store than getting them out of the vending machine,” said Aaron Greene, a second-year accounting student. “It’s usually about a buck for a chocolate bar.”

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