June 12, 2024


Aries-Share your wealth with others this week, not because you should, but because you want to.Libra-Crying about something only means that you care. It is never a waste of time to care about something, no matter how much it may hurt at that moment..

Taurus-Happiness is only happiness when shared; remember that when all is right in the world this week.

Scorpio-Invitations are funny things; you’ll get them when you don’t want them and you’ll want one and you won’t get one; expect chaos to happen because of this.
Gemini-Try something new this week, something memorable may come from it.Sagittarius-Just because it seems like someone doesn’t care doesn’t mean that they don’t, we all have our own way of showing emotions. See it through their eyes.

Cancer-Getting lost in an activity is never a bad thing, just make sure you can find yourself again when you come back to reality. Capricorn-Sometimes the biggest rewards come from the smallest of goals; don’t take anything lightly this week.

Leo-Disaster will follow you around this week; don’t get discouraged. You’ll appreciate all the good in the world after you’ve seen all the bad this week. Aquarius-Smile when all is going wrong this week; people will see the brightness in your face and try to save your world from crashing.

Virgo- A random act of kindness will fall upon you this week; be sure to send at least two of them back the other way.

Aquaruis-If you try something new you have already won no matter what the outcome. Don’t say no to an expected opportunity this week.

Sagittarius-Sometimes you have to take a blow to your character to really build it even more; never let that get you down.

Pisces-Live by the motto of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” this week and you’ll truly see all the beauty in the world for the very first time.

Capricorn-Love someone who doesn’t deserve it this week; one day they will and you will be thanked for doing something that no one would.

Libra-When you want to change the world this week remember; you can simply do this by changing your outlook. The world is as you see it.

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