June 21, 2024


Aries-Those who sit around and wait for opportunities to create themselves see only half of what is available to them.

Libra-Crying about something only means that you care. It is never a waste of time to care about something, no matter how much it may hurt at that moment..

Taurus-When all seems lost and hopeless look to your friends; they can always help you.

Scorpio-Jealousy is a waste of time, use your time instead to change the world around you.

Gemini-Love is in the air this week, and it may come from the most unexpected of places.

Sagittarius-Just because it seems like someone doesn’t care doesn’t mean that they don’t, we all have our own way of showing emotions. See it through their eyes.

Cancer-Saying “I’m sorry” is one of the toughest things to do; don’t be hard on a person if forgiveness is what they seek.

Capricorn-Sometimes the biggest rewards come from the smallest of goals; don’t take anything lightly this week.

Leo-You’ll reach new heights this week before seeing new lows. It’s how you handle the low that makes you who you are.

Aquarius-Smile when all is going wrong this week; people will see the brightness in your face and try to save your world from crashing.

Virgo- Friends may come and go, but you should do your best to try and keep every friendship for as long as you can, you never know when a helping hand is needed.

Pisces-A brick on its own is useless, a 100 bricks makes a wall and 1,000 makes a house. Don’t do everything alone this week, you’re much more with others.

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