May 25, 2024


Here’s some food for thought.

The food choices here at Conestoga College are few and far between; very far between.

Overall, Chartwells, the food services provider, offers limited fare, and what it does offer is spread out.

There are four main dining areas on campus: Tim Hortons  and a Pizza Pizza/cafeteria-style corridor in the Sanctuary; located on level two, a conglomerate of snacks, daily  specials, burgers and salads, located on level one, and a Pizza Pizza/Subway, located on level one.

The Tim Hortons is often crammed with lines lasting 10 minutes or more, and this is on a slow day. That means if a student would like a coffee from there they would need to allow themselves almost 30 minutes to make it to class on time, something students don’t always have.

Conestoga is one of the only colleges around to not offer a meal plan, which would save students a lot of money at school and at numerous off-campus restaurants and fast-food chains. However, they still expect the student body to dine daily at one of these four mundane locations where prices can be up to $10 for a popular option such as chicken fingers and fries. Although coffee and pastries can be found on level one in Conestoga’s main cafeteria, the prices there for a coffee far exceed those of Tim Hortons.

Yes, it is true that sometimes the main cafeteria will offer coupons and specific days to save, but is that really enough?

And would it not make sense to build another area for food and beverages in the school’s F-wing? Or perhaps offer something with a little more gusto?

Some Ontario colleges such as Niagara College offer numerous food options including Grill Works, Bene Pasta, Montague’s Deli, Pita Pit, Expresso’s Coffee and Freshen Smoothies, all on their meal plan.

The problem is that here at Conestoga students are being offered limited options for what Chartwells must assume is an unlimited budget.

While many students flock off-campus to find cheaper and sometimes healthier options, it would be beneficial for the school to offer a more exciting food atmosphere to literally feed the passion and work ethic that drives so many at the college.

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