May 29, 2024


The women’s rugby team played their first game on Sept. 25 vs. Seneca. The Condors came through with a 10-7 victory.
“I am really happy for the girls who won the first ever game for Conestoga,” said coach Josh Kirk. “They demonstrated some great skill and really played well when they had to. We have lots of room for improvement and the entire team is excited for the rest of the season.”
Flanker Danielle Pauze won the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Athlete of the Week for women’s rugby after scoring Conestoga’s game-winning try.

Cross Country
The men’s and women’s cross-country teams met at Fanshawe for an invitational run on Sept. 24. The women’s team participated in a 5-km run while the men’s team ran 8 km.
Stephanie Mason placed 7th out of 48 runners with a time of 21:33
Heidi Bechtold placed 12th – 22:26
Emily Erb placed 25th – 23:25  
Brendan Hancock placed 18th out of 66 runners with a time of 30:16
Robert Brouillette placed 41 – 32:26
Chris Rankin placed 55 – 35:29
Paul Andrew McClure placed 62 – 38:47

Sept. 23: Won 3-0 against Mohawk. FW Samantha Fowles won OCAA Athlete of the Week for women’s soccer after she netted all three goals
Sept. 25: Lost 3-0 against Fanshawe
Sept. 23: Tied 3-3 against Mohawk
Sept. 25: Lost 2-1 against Fanshawe

Sept. 25: Lost 10-0 against St. Clair (played 6 innings)
Lost 8-4 against St. Clair (played 7 innings)

Sept. 25: Lost 30-22 against Mohawk 
Sept. 25: Won 10-7 against Seneca

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