May 30, 2024


Students have to face a lot of difficulties living at residence, one of which is having to live with a roommate.

The thought of sharing living space with a total stranger can make anyone anxious. It’s not unusual for most students to expect the worst when it comes to roommates.
Of course, it doesn’t always have to end up being a horrible experience.

Frieda Beilstein is studying early childhood education and serves as a resident adviser. She said although it can be hard living with another person at times, the best thing to do is come up with a good problem-solving plan.

Beilstein herself has not had any problems with roommates.

“I’ve been pretty lucky. I get along with a lot of people. The biggest problem is dishes and finding your own space in the common areas.”

She added the residence life manager works hard to try to match personalities. A personality portfolio is sent out with all the application forms which students then fill out. Questions include “how is your personal hygiene, how tidy are you, are you studious and how social are you?” So long as students are honest when filling out their portfolios, things usually work out.

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