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Halloween may be a fun time to get dressed up, watch scary movies, eat candy and party for the general public, but that’s not what it means to those who practise witchcraft and/or are Wiccans.

Halloween is much more personal for these people.

Wicca, also known as Pagan witchcraft, is a Pagan religion movement. It started out in the 20th century and became more popular in the 1950s thanks to Gerald Gardner, a Wiccan high priest. Wicca is a religion that embraces witchcraft, but you can practise witchcraft without the religious context of Wicca. Some, including Cross, practise witchcraft as well as follow the religion.

“Some Wiccans or witches celebrate the ancestors, some of them celebrate the fact that the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. Some of them celebrate that there’s more dark than light coming. Personally, for me, all of the above,” said Jodi Cross, a Witch who has her own store called The Cat, The Book and The Candle.
The holiday also portrays witches as evil, old people (often with warts and big noses), who only use spells for negative reasons and to torture people.

On the contrary, if you meet someone in the real world who practises witchcraft, you’ll realize that she is the complete opposite. You cannot pick them out of a crowd, because they are dressed normally and not in a black pointy hat and a long black cape. Although some conceptions are correct, such as having cauldrons and crystal balls, TV shows, movies and tales didn’t really get the story right.

According to Wicca.com, “Contrary to what those who choose to persecute or lie about us wish to believe, Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.”

After talking to Cross just for a couple of hours, it was evident that most people probably don’t know the real life of a witch. You could say she is spellbinding; but only because her every word is a fascinating piece of information entrancing you to listen on.

“It’s probably the most peaceful religion I know,” Cross said. “It’s working with spirit; it’s working with nature; it recognizes that the divinity is within everything and it’s really not seeking to have control over anybody or anything; it’s working with the flow of nature.”

When someone solely practises witchcraft, it is more about casting spells and focusing energies, disregarding whether they’re hurting anyone. Wiccan is more about going with the flow and never harming anybody.

Cross has been practising witchcraft and Wicca since she was a young child, but just didn’t know there was a name and religion for it up until about 11 years ago.
Wiccans do not put down other religions; nor do they push others to convert. They are open-minded and understand that whoever wants to practise can and those who don’t want to, don’t have to. They are kind, peaceful and very positive people. They understand that everything in the world has energies, including crystals, herbs, plants and more, according to Cross.

Cross opened The Cat, The Book and The Candle in the Hespeler part of Cambridge to supply others with energy items, to introduce the religion to others and to be there in case anyone is interested in studying or practising.

“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I can follow my heart and make my living,” she said.

Her goal is to show others how to empower themselves and their own lives.

She is a certified hypnotherapist, reflexologist, Reiki master teacher and a witch. She also reads tarot cards, helps with past life regressions and has many other services available to those interested.

To find out more, go to www.catbookandcandle.com or call 519-212-1000.

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