June 22, 2024


You know those mornings where everything seems to go wrong? Your alarm doesn’t go off, you stayed up too late the night before, you missed the bus or even, dare I say, you forgot your morning coffee in the rush to get to school on time. Yeah, THOSE mornings.

Those mornings used to just ruin my day and pretty much nothing could get in the way of my own prescribed unhappiness. You’ve seen those people stumble around, heck you’ve probably done the same, letting the simplest of things such as your morning routine going slightly awry get to you.

All that used to be true for me until one day, pretty much everything that could go wrong did.

It’s 8:11 a.m. in the morning when I finally awake, yup forgot to set the alarm. So I quickly run downstairs, start the kettle for my tea, run back upstairs, hop into the shower just long enough to get the crust out of my eyes when I hear the kettle going off. So I jump out of the shower and proceed to run downstairs. Big mistake on my part. I forget the fact that I’m still soaking wet and that laminate flooring on the stairs isn’t exactly the best thing to be running on when you have slippery feet.

Guess what happens?

Yup, I trip and fall down the stairs and manage to get my wrist caught in the railing causing EXTREME pain in the process.

So, I shut off the kettle, grab my mug, run out the door, hop in my car and race off to the school hoping to make it on time. Good start to the day, eh?

So, being the second day of school and remembering the horrible lineups on the 401 during the first day due to the strike, I decide to take the long way to school to avoid the 401, meaning a 25-minute trip turns into a 45-minute trip. But hey, I’m saving time, right? Well, as luck would have it, when I drove by the 401 ramp there was absolutely no lineup at all and everything was running smoothly, meaning that I took that extra-long route for no reason at all.

So great, I’m even later now.

I arrive to class late and sit down to have my nice hot cup of tea only to find out that it’s literally just a hot cup of water because I was in such a rush in the morning that I forgot to put in the bag of tea.

Oh, and did I mention that my wrist was in EXTREME pain?

Believe it or not, telling that story over and over to people has brought a smile to my face that I quite possibly couldn’t have ever imagined. Turns out that the horrible morning was probably the most memorable moment of my school year thus far. Go figure.

So the moral of the story is to find something to smile about no matter how bad the situation is, because trust me, it can always get worse. Only you can decide how you handle it, good or bad.

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