May 25, 2024


Are you a little stressed, tense or anxious? If so, why not book yourself a stress reliever?

Massage therapists Matthew Gribb and Joanna Schisler provide both regular and hot stone massages for up to an hour at a time in Room 2A100.

An appointment can be booked at the office and online at

The start of the year was slow for the service provided by Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) due to the strike. Many students thought that the massage service was closed said Monica Amorim, health plan administrator.

“September and January are the most popular times for massages,” she said, adding it’s the beginning of new terms and students add family members to their health plans.

Students who are members of CSI’s health plan can receive massage therapy for $7.46 for 30 minutes instead of the usual $37.29.

A half-hour hot stone massage is $10.17 in comparison to the regular $50.85.

The CSI health plan will cover you if massage therapy is recommended by a doctor. A doctor’s note is required. With the health plan you are covered for 80 per cent of your purchase, up to $300 per year.

But just because the therapists are on Doon turf doesn’t mean any average Joe can’t come in and book a massage.

“Technically, we’re not closed off to the public. The odd person may come in from the street, but they’re usually family members of someone going to the school,” said Gribb.

Gribb has enjoyed working at Conestoga for two years and urges anyone who is curious about massage therapy to stop by and ask questions.

“It’s great for stress, and it’s a great muscle relaxant. We would be more than happy to help you,” he said.

Gribb said the postures of some students could cause tight muscles, particularly for those who sit in hard chairs for hours in an “awkward posture, crouched over a keyboard.”

Gribb is dedicated to his task, said Keila MacPherson, a first-year student in journalism.

She met Gribb at a past job they both had worked at.

“He was always offering to help others, and was very comfortable when stressful situations came up,” she said.

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