June 15, 2024


Students “want beer” at Oktoberfest.

“Who wants beer? We want beer!” echoed a chant that was repeated throughout Conestoga’s Oktoberfest party.

Conestoga students participated in what has become the largest Bavarian festival in North America on Oct. 15. The party was dedicated strictly to Conestoga students.

Alcohol was served, Bavarian food was available and the souvenirs were endless at the Queensmount Arena.

Tables as far as the eye could see lined the arena floor.

The event was a part of the annual nine-day Oktoberfest celebration that is held in the region.

It lasted until midnight which was deemed to be too late for some students who had partied too quickly.

“One guy just got up and started dancing on the table and was led outside,” laughed part-time Conestoga student Lisa Scremin.

The party was well-controlled despite the occasional avid youngster drinking more alcohol than he could handle. It was a “perfect place” to host the event, said first-year early childhood education student Becca Keats.

Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) sold tickets at their office. There was free bus transportation from residence.

CSI did not organize the event, but supported it through ticket sales and by attending.

“We all go to show our support,” said Ciara Byrne, CSI president.

Scalpers also sold tickets just outside the venue entrance.

The dance floor was packed thanks to polka artist Walter Ostanek and his band.

Proper student and photo ID was required at the entrance. In addition, students were patted down by security officials.

The lineup to get into the party moved smoothly throughout the entire event which pleased students.

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