May 30, 2024


“OK!” shouted Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) president Ciara Byrne as she waved to the patiently waiting, hungry students who lined up for the Oct. 20 pancake breakfast.

It was time to enjoy free syrupy pancakes and juice in the Sanctuary for the second time this year.

“Breakfast and a show,” said Byrne, indicating a projector screen which displayed the popular TV station, MTV.

The pancake event, which was held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., was used to promote CSI’s giving back to students. “We like to give back as much as we can to the students,” she said.

She explained that this year’s increase in the number of pancake breakfasts is because the event was “really popular last year. Who doesn’t love free pancakes in the morning?” she asked.

The serving team consisted of Byrne and third-year graphic design student Katrina Sighn who served pancakes, while CSI campus service co-ordinator Sheena Sonser handed out drinks.

Each person was given two pancakes and a cup of juice. Chartwells’ Education Dining Service was hired to cook the 700 pancakes.

The lineups were short throughout the event which allowed students to come back for a second – or third – helping.

“Since they made so many, I might just go get some more!” laughed third-year bachelor science and nursing student Mady Deitner.

And as soon as her plate was empty she did.

“I love it,” said second-year software engineering technology student Steve Favron  while enjoying the breakfast with his two friends,  Macgyver Oleskowiczz and Eric Copeland.

The pancakes lasted until the end of the event, which is “practically double the amount that was ordered last year,” said Byrne. “And there’s more pancakes (at future breakfasts) to come,” she laughed.

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