April 13, 2024


Meet Sim Man. He is 6”1, has blonde hair, and is a great listener. Every time he sees you, you take his breath away, so remember proper chest compression techniques. For the most part he is just like you and I … except he isn’t actually alive.

Nursing students at Conestoga College get to take care of Sim Man on a daily basis in the new F-wing addition. Sim Man is an enhanced learning life-size simulation mannequin that costs roughly $27,000.

With 75,000 square feet, the new F-wing offers nursing and health science students new equipment and state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Now for the moment of truth, was the addition worth it?

“It’s nice that they put money back into the program,” said Melissa Menecola, a second-year nursing student.

“Everything is so shiny and new!”

Another second-year nursing student, Lindsay Richter, said that the new addition was sure to lure more students to the college.

“There are a lot of new beds an equipment now. It gives us a better chance to mingle with other health science students,” said Richter. “Not only is it beneficial to us, but it will definitely bring more students to the school … I think it was a good investment.”

The F-wing was designed to be student and faculty friendly. There are spaces for students to engage each other in active learning situations. Real-life simulations give students a chance to work under pressure and see if they have what it takes to be a paramedic, a nurse, a respiratory therapist, or a fire fighter.

Conestoga College president John Tibbits said the F-wing addition cost close to $20 million, including equipment.

“We are very pleased with the F-wing. It was done on time and on budget … students seem to be reacting well,” he said.

Overall the new equipment and addition seem to be paying off for both faculty and students, and Sim Man is getting the attention he needs!

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