July 13, 2024


P. Diddy urged people to “vote or die!” Now Conestoga Students Inc. will try its own method to get students to vote. Their new campaign has the more optimistic slogan of “vote for you and your future.”

The campaign, which starts today, will focus on the impact that your vote can have when you cast a ballot in the provincial election this Thursday.

“Some students think that if they don’t vote it doesn’t affect them,” said CSI president Ciara Byrne.

“No matter who they vote for, we want them to understand the importance of voting.”

The campaign will use several methods to try and get students involved, such as a promotional video displaying Conestoga students being asked about the upcoming election.

Posters have also been placed throughout the school for the week leading up to the election telling students, “If we voted, every provincial riding could be decided by students,” hoping to spark further student interest in voting.

“We are encouraging students to understand that voting or not voting effects them, their future and also their education, jobs for them when they leave … The premise of our campaign is to get students to think ‘what are you voting for’ and to get students to understand they should ‘vote for you and your future,’” said Byrne.

This coincides with campaigns by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and the College Student Alliance, who, combined, represent over 280,000 Ontario college and university students.
CSA is a member-driven advocacy and student leadership organization which serves Ontario’s college and college-university students.

OUSA represents the interests of full-time and part-time university students at nine student associations across Ontario.

Both lobby the government on behalf of students.

For more information about who’s running and what issues they stand for, students are urged to go to www.itsyourvote.ca to learn more.

For more information about CSI’s campaign go to www.conestogastudents.com.

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