May 29, 2024

The Beat goes Bavarian


It was a traditional Bavarian festival amped up with the wail of a guitar, the thump of a kick drum and the roar of a crowd. It was Beatoberfest 2011.

The event took place Oct 13. at the Kitchener Auditorium.

Put on by 91.5 The Beat in partnership with Oktoberfest, the event brought out hundreds of eager fans.

While the beer flowed and the schnitzel sizzled, music filled the Aud like ale fills a stein.

The Balconies started out the night on an energetic note. The rock band out of Ottawa has played all over the country.

And then there was Choclair. The Canadian rapper, whose career peaked in the ’90s, came out to show the people what they’ve been missing.
And they approved.

K-os came out third and he pulled out all the stops. Even though the first acts were well received, it was apparent that this was what the crowd had been waiting for.
K-os fan Ryan Deschamps was no exception.

“It was totally sick,” he said. “He was amazing!”

And last but not least, Bedouin Soundclash took the stage and agitated the intoxicated yet elated crowd with their sophisticated sound.

“They’re my favourite band,” said Soundclash fan Kristina Nichol. “I see them whenever I can and this was a really good show.”

You couldn’t buy tickets to Beatoberfest however, because they were free.

“There’s nothing quite like it,” said Beat morning show host and MC for the night Carlos Benevides. “The only way to get in is to win tickets. We give tickets away every year, and we’re proud of that.”

Over the past few months, The Beat gave out tickets for the show through contests and special events.

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