February 24, 2024


There’s a song on the radio but you don’t know what it is, there’s an app for that!

Students at Conestoga College use phone applications on a daily basis whether they’re on their iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids or any other cellphone that is open to an “app world.”

Students think that the iPhone is more practical when it comes to using applications because of its larger screen and easy touch.

Maja Ulakovic, a post-grad integrated marketing communications student at Conestoga, currently has a Blackberry. “I used more apps when I had my iPhone, it’s just easier,” she said. “Now I stick to more functional apps like Shazam.”

Shazam is a mobile-based app available to most smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android. When you hear a song on the radio that you don’t know, start up Shazam, hold it to the speaker and you’ll know the song title and the artist within a matter of seconds.

There are many different apps available in the several “app worlds.” Ulakovic said one she remembers playing the most was Mr. Giggles. She said it was a “weird version of Tetris with different colours and faces on the blocks.”

Kye Allen, a second-year marketing student, said his favourite app is Minesweeper, a classic game also found on most PCs.

While there are many games found in the app world, there are also many pointless apps that are sometimes fun to have.

“I have this fireplace app,” said Bethany Cawker, a post-grad integrated marketing communications student. “You know at Christmas how there’s that channel with the Yule log? I usually use it when I want to joke around with my friends.”

Along with the games and useless applications, there are more practical apps such as banking apps or all of your social networking apps.

Need a flashlight? There’s even an app for that.

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