April 24, 2024


If you go to the Cambridge campus you’re bound to see two things: a whole lot of engineering students and potentially one of them nearly walking into the wrong washroom.

It’s not because they lack the ability to correctly read signs, it’s because for some inexplicable reason on the first floor of the building, the men’s and women’s washrooms are reversed compared to every other floor.

The common mistake occurs because on the first floor of the building, where the café, library and classrooms are, the men’s washroom is on the right side and the women’s is on the left.

On the second and third floor, where classrooms fill the majority of the space, the men’s is on the left and the women’s is on the right, causing the slight confusion for students who are running to the washrooms on their breaks.

Photo by James Witczak. Brock Thorogood and Abu Vahya stare puzzled at a sign outside one of the first floor washrooms in Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus on Oct. 14.

Like Tyler Little for example, who is in his first year of electrical engineering. He nearly went in the women’s washroom on the first floor. “I almost turned, but I turned back.”

Or mechanical engineering design and analysis student Jacob Singleton, who also nearly made the same mistake. “I almost went into the girls’ washroom,” he said.

It may not be the biggest issue in the world but if you ever do make your way over to the Cambridge campus or if you’re already there, chances are if you stand by the bathrooms on the first floor you’re more than likely to see a student running to go to the bathroom after their lunch, not bothering to look at the signs and almost entering the wrong washroom. A smirk will appear on their face and they will quickly turn around and go to the right one. I know I saw  one person do it in my short time standing outside the washroom, and I know others have seen it as well, or more likely, done it themselves.

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