May 29, 2024


If there’s anything that will raise a lot of money for a cause, it’s a couple of tables piled with cupcakes, cookies and a variety of treats. On Nov. 3, the Conestoga residence held a bake sale to raise money for the United Way. The event couldn’t have been more successful.
“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting so many people to come,” said Laura Robinson, residence life manager. “I wasn’t expecting so many people to bring food. I kind of thought it would be like a bunch of cupcakes I made but then the whole management team and students brought some. So we had a lot more food than I thought we were going to have.”
There was so much food left over that another bake sale was held at 2 a.m. in the hope that people coming back from their night out would contribute.
The combined bake sales raised $310.

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