May 29, 2024


Nothing ever seems to be good enough for our generation. The latest and greatest technology is still not good enough.
It seems that as technology keeps rapidly advancing, people’s expectations are increasing just as quickly.
For example, the iPhone 4s were released with a dual-core processor, the speed of a computer and an 8-megapixel camera (some digital cameras don’t even have that), but it wasn’t good enough.
3D televisions were released with glasses, but that wasn’t good enough either. Having to wear glasses to see 3D was just unacceptable.
BlackBerry messenger (BBM) doesn’t work for a day? Well, it’s not like we can just text. We have to be able to see if the recipient of our text read our message!
We have been taught to want the latest technology these days, which although is not always necessary, is acceptable. However, when we have the world at our fingertips and we are still asking for more, it just comes off as greedy.
We’re asking for cellphones to do our homework and basically cook dinner for us, before text messaging problems are even fixed. If my phone can Google something as fast as my computer can, why can’t I make a phone call without it dropping or cutting out?
Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and the advances we are making, but we are moving along too quickly. Before a problem on a device is fixed, version 2 and 3.4 are already released. It’s not just the companies’ faults, but also ours because consumers are far too demanding. Neither is solely to blame, the two together are the cause of this problem. We need to be able to slow down and fix the things that are vital in our day-to-day lives.
When BlackBerrys went down for a couple of days, the problem shouldn’t have been that BBM wasn’t working, but rather that businesspeople and companies could not reach those that they needed to due to email being down as well.
Teenagers and young adults expect everything to come to them exactly the way they want it, when they want it. We need to realize how good we have it. If text messaging had come before phone calls, we would have been astounded when we could hear each other’s voices through the phone once calling was invented. Instead, barely anyone calls each other because texting is easier and anything can be done from behind a screen rather than face-to-face.
So, unless you work behind-the-scenes at a technology company such as RIM or Apple, where you know what’s going to come out next, the devices we have out should be enough to hold you over until something else is released. Your phone can send a message through space to your friend. I’d say that’s pretty cool on its own.

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