July 23, 2024


Lockheed Martin is giving Conestoga College $3.7-million worth of electronic courseware products.
The global aerospace, defence, security and advanced technology company hopes the donation will help students learn the skills required by employers, specifically those in the engineering systems skills industry.
At the college’s board of directors meeting on Nov. 28, members were told the donation is part of a government policy that requires companies to reinvest the same amount of capital back into Canada as its government contracts.
Other highlights of the meeting included the approval of two new programs — an educational assistant diploma program starting in January 2012, and  a green management certificate program starting in September 2012.
Conestoga College president John Tibbits also said at least three Chinese universities are showing interest in a partnership with the college. “Part of our mandate is to internationalize,” he said.
An example he gave was a three-year program being set up with the universities, where students would study in China for the first two years, and then come to Canada for their final year.
Though nothing is on paper yet, Tibbits said talks are progressing.

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