May 29, 2024


There’s no need to walk on water, pedestrians will be able to cross the Grand River in style on a new bridge near Doon Valley Golf Course.  
The 75-metre arch-truss bridge spans the Grand River, closing the biggest gap in the Grand River Trail.  Though the bridge was lowered into place by a crane on Nov. 10, construction will not be completed until next summer.
“Work to be completed includes construction of accessible ramps from trails at rivers-edge and grades to bridge deck elevation,” Kitchener communications and marketing associate Colleen Collins said. “(As well as) construction of the bridge deck surface on which trail users will walk and cycle.”
Funding for the $1.4-million bridge is provided entirely by donations made to the Walter Bean Grand River Community Trail Foundation, which started fundraising for the trail in 1999.
In an effort to protect the area, no portion of the bridge will come into contact with the riverbed. Project organizers are aiming to minimize impact on the habitat, which includes bald eagles during the winter. 
Though there are still some gaps in the trail, including Forwell quarry, Freeport Bridge, Grand River Boulevard, the Simms Estate and Idlewood Creek, the Grand River Trail will ultimately run 76 kilometres along the Grand River. 

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