July 13, 2024


Hundreds lined up along the street awaiting the big man’s arrival. Children jumped up and down, overflowing with joy and excitement as well as candy canes and sweets.

Santa was coming to town.

It was 10:15 on Saturday, Nov. 19, 45 minutes before the parade was scheduled to begin and already King Street in Kitchener was full of people who were anxious to see jolly old St. Nick.

Some sang Christmas carols while they were waiting. Others drank hot cocoa and huddled in their blankets as the chilly morning air brushed against their faces.

“I love the parade! Santa’s my favourite part,” said April, 4, who was braving the cold waiting for the jolly old man to pull up on his sleigh.

The next 45 minutes flew by and the parade began, right on schedule.

Jam-packed with 46 floats, 11 bands and 115 entries all together, the Kitchener-Waterloo 53rd annual Santa Claus parade was a success.

One little girl sat on the curb with a gigantic grin on her face for the entire parade, while others buried their faces in their hands when a clown walked by; especially the band of clowns.

“I hate clowns, there’s just something about them that I don’t like,” said Denise Sayers, a first-year recreation and leisure student at Conestoga College. “I still bring my sisters to the parade, they love the excitement.”

Giant lions, snowmen, penguins, the Grinch and even Mr. Peanut all showed up to support their local group – from the Lions Club to hockey associations to mid-wifery and animal shelters. 

“I love what the parade brings to the city and how much everyone gets involved and supports it,” said Vic Bovingdon, parade chairman and Lions Club president.

The parade concluded after an hour and a half of Christmas carols, “merry Christmas’” and “happy holidays,” not to mention the candy canes and pamphlets.

Toys, canned food and letters to Santa were all collected to make Christmas better for everyone.

Cambridge also held their Santa Claus parade Saturday.

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