June 12, 2024

Most people hate that Christmas is shoved in their faces starting in October.
However, I love walking through any given mall or shopping centre and seeing snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, Santa Clauses waving to me as I look through window displays and red stockings tacked from every counter. Combined with the Christmas music, I feel like I’m walking through a winter wonderland.
Coffee shops such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks have switched their regular cups to the holiday cups and decorated with reindeers and snowflakes. Kids have started wearing their thick jackets and their furry Santa scarves.
The decorations, Christmas lights and music in public places create a cheery holiday atmosphere, enticing us out of our homes during the gloomy winter months.
Aside from the horrifying snowstorms, that, if you’re as skinny as I am, send you flying across the street, winter is a wonderful season. It’s all about warm clothing, family coming together, decorating the Christmas tree, eggnog and, of course, presents. If you’re a bit more adventurous, add a pair of skis to the equation and you’ll have the best of times.
To top it all off, every single shopping centre has amazing Christmas and winter sales which make it easier for us students to afford presents for our loved ones.
Although retailers force Christmas on us right after Thanksgiving, it definitely puts us in the holiday spirit and gives us something to look forward to until we see the sun again.

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