May 29, 2024

Now deep thoughts…with Conestoga College.
Random questions answered by random students.
If you had a chance to go into space, would you do it and why?

“I don’t think I would, it sounds scary to me. There’s a lot of horror stories about things blowing up.”
Tiffany Martindale, applied health informatics

“The experience would be very welcomed. The thought of being able to experience life without weight is so exciting imagine the endless hours of fun you would have experimenting.”
Cory Anderson, computer engineering technology

“Yeah I think I would. Life is too short so you gotta do everything that you can.”
Jackie Gagnon-Jobidon, first-year office administration legal

“No, I don’t think I would. I’m just not interested in leaving this planet.”
Lindsay M’Comb, first-year business insurance

“I probably would not but I don’t have a reason why.”
Chad Frey, first-year business administration accounting

“I would not go into space. I have a lot depending on me, so I have no need to go that far.”
Angela Cameron, BSCN- nursing level 2

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