June 12, 2024


Movember is in full swing at Conestoga with even CSI staff getting into the act. They have placed posters all over the campus showing off their awesome staches to encourage students to grow theirs.

For those who don’t know what Movember is, it’s a month-long campaign for men to grow moustaches in order to spread awareness and raise money for prostate cancer. The “Mo Bros” had to shave off all facial hair on Oct. 31 and vow not to shave their moustaches until December.

Conestoga is currently represented by 13 individuals on the official Movember website who got off to a great start, raising $199 in one week. CSI is also doing a weekly moustache progress contest where they select the best moustache each week and award some “Mo-Swag.”

You don’t have to join the website in order to take part; just having a moustache for this month is enough to raise awareness about a subject most men don’t like to talk about.

“I’m trying to raise money for prostate cancer,” said Bron Ostic, an electrical apprenticeship student, who’s already got his stache in full bloom, adding that “everyone looks like the Village People.”

PHOTO BY JAMES WITCZAK Confident, sexy and cool. These are the words to describe Conestoga student Bron Ostic’s manly moustache, grown for Movember.

Mike McGuire, a fellow electrical apprenticeship  student and Movember member, added that  those who are attempting to grow moustaches are trying to bring back the ’80s.

In 2010 alone, $22.3 million was raised by nearly 119,000 Canadians.

For more information about Movember or if you wish to donate, go to ca.movember.com and search Conestoga College to give to your fellow classmates. A donation of $10 will get you a free Movember shirt.

Of course, one big concern for the men who take part in Movember is the fact that many members of the opposite sex hate moustaches. However, Ostic is OK because, as he said with a smile as wide as his moustache, “my girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind it.”

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