May 29, 2024

“I want to be my dad so I could know what he was thinking about me on the day I was born.”

  • Malcolm Scott,
    broadcast television

“I want to be a homeless person, because it would give me a better appreciation for what I have now. I wouldn’t take it for granted as much.”

  • Thomas Saunders,
    supply chain and operations

“J. Edgar Hoover would have been cool. He was a very powerful and inspirational person. He invented many of the modern forensic materials we have today such as the fingerprint. It would have been interesting to see the developments.”

  • Cody May,
    broadcast journalism

“I wish I could have been Mel Gibson on the set of Braveheart. The movie is epic, and I enjoy it.”

  • Leo Jiang,
    English language studies

“Nicola Tesla. He was one of the most mysterious people that ever lived. There are so many conspiracy theories that surrounded him … It would be cool to know which theories are true and which ones are not.”

  • Adam Cox,
    general machinist

“I want to be the president of the United States. Not one in particular, but just any because I would have 24 hours to do whatever I wanted.”

  • Soufiane Al Timimi,
    business foundations

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