June 15, 2024


A first-year student will see her long lost sister within the next 10 years.
Why? The psychic in the Sanctuary said so.
Psychic reader Dan Valkos came to Conestoga College to stun students with his insightful readings on Oct. 25.
The psychic readings were courtesy of Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI).
“We did the readings last year and students loved it, so we’re doing it again,” said CSI president Ciara Byrne.
Early childhood education student Lizzy Stohr had a mix of emotions while waiting for Valkos.
“I’m nervous, I’m excited,” said Stohr.
Valkos allowed each student to ask three questions about his or her personal life. He would then respond with his own unique insight that left students with new outlooks both bad and good.
“I deliver insights that generally help people. My psychic readings are of goodwill,” said Valkos.
The three questions Stohr asked Valkos were: “When will I meet my soulmate?,” “Will I get my dream job?” and “Will I ever meet my half-sister?”
These three questions are actually among the most commonly asked by students, Valkos said.
“Students ask questions based on three generalities: love life, education, long-term career,” he said.
Valkos informed her that a “soulmate” will appear within two years.
“He also told me I may not get my dream job, but that I will love the job that I am in,” said Stohr.
Valkos also said Stohr is destined to run into her half-sister within the next 10 years.
“I believe him, but I’m also skeptical. It’s hard to decide what to believe,” said Stohr.
Valkos has been involved in the paranormal since 1969 and was the director of the Paranormal Enlightenment Centre for seven years.
He has appeared on over 1,500 radio shows and has lectured or performed at more than 1,000 colleges.
He’s also written two books: The Psychic World and How You Can Be a Part Of It, and The Psychic World of Your Dreams.
Currently Valkos is busy touring Ontario colleges to “open students’ eyes.”
“My job is my life to me,” Valkos said. “It is what I do to help others. But my key thing is I can give somebody some advice, guidance and insight.”

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