May 29, 2024


Survey reveals cafe food too pricey
Photo by James Witczak

“I can’t get no satisfaction” isn’t just a song by the Rolling Stones. It’s also how students feel about the high price of food at Conestoga’s cafeterias. A recent survey conducted at the college revealed that nearly 58 per cent of students were not satisfied with the escalating prices.
Out of the 50 students surveyed 29 deemed the prices to be between unfair and very unfair. This is in contrast to the high satisfaction rate in regards to the quality of the food. Only 14 per cent of students said that the quality was below satisfactory. “It’s good, but the food is very expensive,” said Aram Yousufi, a first-year architecture construction student.
In reference to the Cambridge cafeteria Tyler Little added, “It’s OK, the burgers are good but the pizza is bad,” as he was munching on a freshly made burger.
Other survey stats showed that 20 per cent of people said they spent more than $30 a week in the cafeteria with two people saying that they spent more than $50 a week. A vast majority of students commented that the only thing that they got were coffees, opting instead to bring their own lunch.

Fare Facts
• Money spent per week in the cafe: Twenty-three people spent $10 or less, 17 people spent $20, four spent $30, four spent $40 and two people spent $50 plus.
• Cafeteria usage: 17 people use the cafe once a week, 12 twice a week, 11, three times a week, seven, four times a week and three, five times a week.
• Food quality in the cafeterias: Seven people were semi-satisfied, 19 people were satisfied, 20 people were mostly satisfied and four people were very satisfied. No one said they found the food unsatisfactory.
• Pricing in the cafe: Thirteen people thought the prices were very unfair, 16 people thought they are semi-reasonable, 13 thought the prices are reasonable and eight people thought they are mostly reasonable.

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