April 13, 2024


The fourth annual Tool and Trades Expo was held at the Roofing Centre at Conestoga’s Waterloo campus, Nov. 16, to give students a fun and interactive experience using tools that they will potentially use in the workplace.
“This is really about, and for, students and to give them time to use and experience tools that are out in the industry,” said Doug Lockston, an instructor for the School of Trades and Apprenticeship. “This year we succeeded in having over 500 students attend the show.”
Josh Vezsenyi, a first-year carpentry student, said, “I thought it was a lot better than what I was expecting. I quite enjoyed seeing all the tools here and seeing all the vendors. I thought they were pretty sweet.”
There were 20 vendors at the expo including Milwaukee, DeWalt, Stanley/Proto and Ridgid Tools.
Keith Potts, a national trainer from Milwaukee, thought that the expo was a great success as well.
“There was good interest. It was good to see all the trades at once,” Potts said.
The expo was not only a great experience for Conestoga students in the trades and apprenticeship programs, but for post-grad event management students as well.
Ashleigh Carson is one of three students in the event management program chosen to help run the event.
“I’ve helped out at a couple of events but I’ve never done anything sort of like an expo. I got to see basically the process behind an entire event.
“It’s good for me because I’m totally new into this program. It was a good building block,” Carson said.
The event was free to all Conestoga students, but donations to the food bank were welcomed.

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