February 6, 2023

Random questions answered by random students.

When is the right time to put up your Christmas tree?

“Around whenever the first snowfall is…because it gets the Christmas feeling going and that’s when Christmas season begins!”
Matt Boniface,
second-year, police foundations

“Usually around the first or second week of December.”

Aaron Currie,
second-year police foundations

“Anytime in December but Christmas is very overrated.”
Rhea Trottier,
interior decorating

“Dec. 1 because it sounds like a good time.”
Matt Dowsett,
first-year general arts and science

“I  usually wait until the first week of December, usually around Dec. 9 or Dec. 10 because I don’t like having a Christmas tree up a long time.”
Adrian Baker,
media foundations

“When I was a kid, I usually put it up around mid-December or so, I don’t really like to have a Christmas tree up before that or even after.”
Dustin Wilson,
first-year media foundations

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