May 29, 2024


It was a chilly day filled with Christmas spirit and school pride as Conestoga students from the Guelph campus participated in the annual Santa Claus parade for the first time on Nov. 20.

A car was entered into the Guelph parade which was donated and driven by Security Services. The vehicle was decorated with a winter wonderland theme by student Tracy Luu.

A group of roughly 20 students from the School of Business and Hospitality wore Conestoga shirts and Santa hats and handed out candy canes as they walked alongside the car. Conestoga’s mascot Cliffy the Condor also joined the group and was a great hit with the children, according to teacher Anela Tomac.

Barbara Kelly, a chair in the School of Business and Hospitality, was very excited about the event.
“This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to get involved in their local Guelph community.

Their enthusiasm for this event was great and very contagious. It is great to have our students present on a Sunday to support the college,” Kelly said.

According to Tomac, the school thought the parade would be a wonderful way to bring awareness to the campus in Guelph as well as to the programs available. Their business programs aren’t well known in Guelph yet.

“It was wonderful to see the students’ enthusiasm and energy as they walked the parade route. Cliffy and the students did a great job of showing Conestoga’s community involvement and spirit as they participated in the Guelph Santa Claus parade. We hope to be involved next year as well,” said Amy Kendall, another chair in the School of Business and Hospitality.

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