May 29, 2024


It sometimes takes courage to make your voice heard

I have a voice, and it is mine alone.

You have your own voice too, but would you use it when the time calls for it?

It seems we all talk constantly without knowing what we’re saying but when something happens, we forget how to open our mouths.

Sometimes a faint whisper comes out but then we realize it’s only our minds, our conscience that is telling us what’s right and what’s wrong.

It bothers me when people act like they’re tough and know their way around the world but can’t seem to speak out on simple things going on around them.

When people litter, would you tell them to pick it up? You wouldn’t, because we all avoid confrontation. We don’t have the courage to challenge someone. We’re also told to be careful who we confront, for fear of being attacked.

We’re also so reliant on technology today that we don’t know how to converse. You want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? You do it via text messaging or Facebook. With all the quarrels online, we’re glued to our computer screens.

If someone is smoking in a no smoking zone and it bothers you, would you tell him to move? Unfortunately for me, I would be the one moving, and not using my voice to get him to smoke somewhere else. If we had the courage to speak up, people would get the message. After all, one person can make a difference.

It comes to us naturally when someone is being hurt; most of us immediately do something to help. You may be afraid, especially if someone is being robbed or weapons are involved. This may prevent us from getting involved but we know what is right and what is wrong. It is up to you to decide if your voice makes a difference. I’m telling you it does.

So don’t forget you have a voice even if you think you don’t.

Your voice is the first step to whatever you want to change.

Once your voice is heard, let your actions be heard. If you have an idea, don’t let others shut you down because we live in a world where anything is possible. Ideas are always worth sharing.

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