April 13, 2024

Conestoga Students Inc.  held its first Nooner Pub of the year on Sept. 5.
The air was filled with live music, laughter was heard and friends were seen sharing good food and having their first taste of a new, ice cold pint.
It was also the unveiling of a new beer called The Conestoga Lager sold exclusively in the Sanctuary bar.
“We’re premiering our new lager today, Saint Cloud just got off stage, and we’re also giving away some free prizes like a beer fridge and advertising KOI fest,” said Conestoga Student Inc. communications co-ordinator Zach Dodge.
Also in attendance at the Nooner Pub was Brick Brewing Co. representatives William Hunter and Kaleigh Bower, who were promoting the new lager.
“We’re just now starting to serve these at the Sanctuary here, right now,” Hunter said.
Bower added, “We’re doing an opening day sampling of all our products that are going to be new here.”
She said Conestoga Lager is “exclusive this year, so we are pushing our new craft premium dark with amber and pilsner as well.”
When asked about the reaction of people Hunter smiled and said “So far so good, nothing bad.”
The new lager will be served at all Nooner Pubs and all events taking place in the Sanctuary for the foreseeable future.
The cost is $3.50 a pint and $5 for cans.

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