May 25, 2024

Instead of bringing a magician on campus, Conestoga Student Inc. demonstrated its own sleight of hand, making bus passes disappear. But it was short-lived, with the passes once again being sold.
For the few who didn’t know the passes were not available in the first place, here’s the back story. Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) didn’t think the price of a bus pass, which was $244 last year, was justified for the service provided, so they took a stand.
The student union, which represents all Conestoga students, decided to stop selling bus passes back in the winter semester, hoping it would force Grand River Transit to change their service or adjust the price of a bus pass. GRT did eventually find a way to subsidize the cost of the bus passes and they are now $40 less than they were last year.
With the combination of the price change and students wanting the service back on campus, CSI started selling bus passes again at the start of this semester. CSI president, Jason Wright, said, “I feel that it wasn’t fair to the students to hold back the passes when the bus is such an important service for them to get to and from school.”
Students around campus are happy with the new price, especially Shae-Lynn Brading, a first-year office administration student. “This is my first year here, but the price change is definitely better than it was.”
Although CSI’s quota of 2013 GRT bus passes are sold out, they will have more available in January 2014 at the CSI office. Bus passes are still available for sale at GRT terminals across K-W.
For more information involving busing and the passes, stop by the CSI office in Room 2A106 and see Justine Voll, a second-year public relations student who is also a CSI service leader. She assists a large number of students daily, helping them with everything from binding to providing information about the college.

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