February 22, 2024



In the hallways and classrooms of Conestoga College, students are starting to gather; sometimes games are played, other times important conversations are being held.
Conestoga Student Clubs and Societies, a Conestoga Students Inc. committee that oversees clubs at the college, presents all students, both new and returning, with an exciting opportunity to make new friends and join a group whose members all share a common interest.
“It is a great way to enhance the college experience by finding the ‘glue’ that keeps them on campus and connected to their student association (CSI),” said Lisa Steele, leadership development co-ordinator for CSI.
Currently, there are only a few active clubs at the college, including the Conestoga College Accounting Association, Conestoga South Asian Students, the International Students Club, Otaku Frenzy 2.0 (fans of anime and manga) and the ever popular Conestoga Gamers Club; however, Steele said there are many other clubs, such as the Conestoga DJ Club, that are still in the applying process.
“I have had students come in and express interest in everything from a unicycling club to a Latin club,” Steele said.
Andrew Smith, a first-year accounting student who recently moved to the area from Seattle, Wash., is the leader of the DJ Club. “I started this club to bring together the school’s DJs, as well as those who share the interest and would like to see first-hand what it’s all about and learn the art.”
In terms of size, the largest club that has been formed at Conestoga in the past is the Christian Fellowship Club. Currently the Conestoga Gamers Club holds the most open access events every month on campus.
Forming a club or society is free of charge and
CSI will give support via club training, startup funds, fundraising support, website promotion, club days, Get Involved fairs and a poster printing account.
“Being a member of a club showcases a student’s ability to manage time and pursue something they are passionate about – traits that any employer would be thrilled to have in an employee,” Steele said.
Students wishing to form a new club or society can pick up a clubs manual from any CSI service hub or download the manual from conestogastudents.com.
Upon completion, students must submit it to Lisa Steele at their nearest CSI office at any point throughout the 2013/2014 academic year.
If students are looking to simply join an existing club they can find the information online at conestogastudents.com under the leadership > college service leadership > join a club tab.

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