May 30, 2023

BANGERZ isn’t exhibitionism, but instead an introspective, emotional pile drivermileycyrusbangerzalbumcover


Miley Cyrus has been receiving a lot of publicity due to her racy behaviour on award shows and in day-to-day life, but not a lot on her latest album BANGERZ, probably because her album isn’t as atrociously trashy as her publicity stunts. The album is definitely an emotional album, and reflects her recent break up with Liam Hemsworth. The album covers all the typical stages of breaking up; shock, desperation, anger, denial and finally acceptance. In songs like her latest hit Wrecking Ball, Cyrus expresses how she was shocked by the end of the relationship but loved like a wrecking ball. Unlike her lover she was the one wrecked after the breakup.  If you can get the image of her music video out of your mind, and listen only to the lyrics and the tone in her voice, this song is extremely catchy and a must to turn up on the radio.
In a lot of tabloids, many reporters are calling Cyrus desperate for attention, however, this is a normal part of breaking up and moving on. Her songs SMS (Bangerz) featuring Britney Spears, Love Money Party, 4×4 and her first hit off the album, We Can’t Stop, are all about acts of desperation and seeking attention from others, which is obvious when you lose the attention of the one you love most. That love is reflected in some of her emotional ballad love songs on the album.

Of course, some anger is involved in a breakup, and luckily for us anger can give songwriters inspiration for some pretty great songs. In the song FU featuring French Montana, Cyrus sings of accidentally seeing a few things on her lover’s cellphone, and not being surprised. Instead, she experiences pure anger which she channels in her delivery of this song.

I don’t really have much to say, I was over it the second that I saw her name.  I got two, ooh letters for you, One of them’s F and the other one’s U, Cause what you gotta do, is go get yourself a clue.

In the first song on the album, Adore You, Cyrus tells about  how much she loved her past lover, and even sings they were meant to be in holy matrimony. Some may see this as denial of her relationship being over. Nevertheless, it is an extremely emotional song and Cyrus had tears in her eyes while performing it.

After every breakup each person has to reach a point of acceptance. In the song, Maybe You’re Right, Cyrus sings about moving on and accepting the breakup.

You can blame me for who I am, It’s too late for us to try and be in love right now.

Cyrus can put on many fake faces in the media and on stage, however, this album shows some true emotions from someone who is picking herself up after being broken. BANGERZ is relatable, and again, if you can get past the crazy images of Cyrus’s music videos, this album can be enjoyed by all.

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