April 22, 2024


Conestoga College students lined up to test their passing skills during Conestoga Students Inc.’s Grey Cup football toss marathon held on Nov. 20.

The event ran across all three campuses, being held on Tuesday at Waterloo campus, Wednesday at Doon campus and then Thursday at Cambridge.

“Students get 10 throws to try and sink (the football) into one of four holes,” said CSI program co-ordinator Rebecca Saba.

“The four holes are numbered and depending on which one you sink it into you get a prize.”

“The first hole you can win a $15 gift certificate, the second hole you can win a $25 gift certificate, third hole $50 and fourth is $100 gift certificate. It’s been a lot of fun and surprising to see more girls winning than boys.”

Some students missed completely, some students came oh so close but at least one student got lucky. Dan So bounced his ball into one of the holes.

“I had the ball, I threw a nice spiral but it dipped too early to be honest and it bounced and I got lucky,” said the second-year business management student.

“It was a dirty goal if you want to call it that, but I won a $15 Bon Appétit gift card.”

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