July 15, 2024


The personal stylist is one of the hottest jobs out there right now, but how many people actually know what a stylist does? Let me school you.

The stylist is in charge of creating a look that will be seen by millions of people every day. From award shows and magazine shoots to everyday out and about living, a stylist can make someone worthy of watching. So my question is, why don’t stylists get the respect they deserve?

In the fashion world, the stylist is judge and jury. What they say goes when dealing with a client. However not only do stylists have to deal with their clients’ opinions, they have to deal with the media’s, other celebrities’ and stylists’ and the most critical critic of all, YOU.

It’s easy to say an outfit is ugly while you’re snuggled up on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn wearing your, “comfy clothes.” But when it comes to actually putting an outfit together, it’s more work than you think. Now you may buy a cute pair of jeans at the mall and remember an awesome shirt you have at home that will just match perfectly, and think you have the outfit of the year. But sadly, it’s not that easy for a stylist.

A stylist has to think about brands, colours, accessories, makeup, the season, the event and new fashion trends. He or she has to create “style,” so to speak. But it’s hard to do so when you have hundreds of people a day telling you that your designs are no good, or, “You should do this instead.” Imagine if someone came into your workplace, and said you were doing your job incorrectly. You would be quite the unhappy camper, wouldn’t you?

Now imagine you’re Brad Goreski, the hottest celebrity stylist right now, and you have clients such as A-lister Jessica Alba, and WWE Diva Stacey Keibler. It’s now your duty to dress them for The Oscars. You have to put them both in dresses that complement their body types, as well as fit their own personal demands, whether it be nothing sheer, or no lace or floral prints. Definitely not as easy as just pulling a dress off a rack.

Above all the stylist’s main goal is simple; Get their clients on the best-dressed list. That is the pinnacle in the stylist world. That is like winning the Super Bowl, receiving a championship ring and winning the Tour De France, all in one, but without the drugs.

At the end of the day, while you’re flipping through your favourite magazine, looking at your favourite celebrities’ dresses and suits, just remember they weren’t alone when making their choices. People like Goreski are behind them every step of the way, making sure they look presentable for YOU. If it wasn’t for them, the outfit you were inspired to buy at the mall may never have been commercially made.

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