July 15, 2024


Conestoga students had some fun while learning to lead.

On Jan. 9, students attended a leadership workshop at the school called Create Today…Create Tomorrow.

The two-hour workshop had 23 students from various programs take part. Create Today … Create Tomorrow consists of seven parts which all focus on different aspects of leadership.

The workshop was run by Ian Kearney, a Student Life programmer at Conestoga, and Susan McLachlan, a communications officer at the college.

“One of the things that I think is definitely important is that people see leadership workshops and think that you’re just going to sit here for two hours,” Kearney said. “They all have experiential learning activities, so there is always something that you’re doing. It’s not just two people up here. We want you to make that connection. We want you to have activities that help build on your experience.”

Students participated in games, activities and exercises that demonstrated how to be a leader and emphasized the importance of volunteering in school and in the community. Volunteers from different areas of Conestoga College shared their different tasks and passions for volunteering and gave information to students about how they can get involved.

“I enjoyed the activities,” said Juan Escobar, a second-year business administration management student. “It was interesting to learn the other people’s stories and experiences.”

The workshops are run twice a semester and if students complete all seven, they will receive a signed certificate from the president of the college and their accomplishment will go on their transcript.

“I personally think that they are a great opportunity for students,” Kearney said. “Employers don’t just look at what you took in class, they want to see what you did outside of the classroom. They want to see that extra piece and this is a great way to show employers that … It’s (also) a great way to meet people in other programs.”

Any Conestoga student from any of the campuses can attend the workshops after registering online through the student portal. To see dates for upcoming workshops, visit the Student Life page on the Conestoga College website.

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