May 25, 2024


Conestoga’s residence building officially closed its basement on Jan. 15, preventing students from using the onsite laundry facilities and game room, due to construction to repair damage from a broken pipe earlier this month.

In a letter to students living in residence, an alternative to the on-site facilities was given.

“We are offering students access to a laundry service,” the letter says. “

The laundry service will pick up items … and then wash/dry/fold your laundry and deliver it back to you within a 24-48 hour time period.”

Students’ laundry is being sent to My VIP Service, located in Guelph. Students who use this service will pay $1.65 per load washed and another $1.65 for it to be dried or $3.30 per load. This price is the same as the onsite facility’s.

Also in the letter is a schedule detailing when each of the floors can drop off their laundry and when they can expect it to be returned.

Clothes that have special washing or drying requirements must be separated in their own bag and have a note of instructions. The letter advises against this, however.

“To avoid disappointment, we do recommend not sending such items.”

Students who purchased laundry cards should expect refunds eventually, according to the letter.

“We are currently working on a process to refund funds on your current laundry cards. More details will follow once this is finalized.”

Despite trying to accommodate students, not everyone is happy.

Sydney Thain, a first-year biotechnology technician student, said she will be travelling two hours to go home to do her laundry rather than use the service.

“If they lose your clothes, it’s your fault and then waiting almost a week to get it back. It’s stupid,” Thain said. “I’d rather go home to do laundry.”

The letter does say that neither My VIP Service nor Conestoga College Residence is responsible for lost or damaged clothes.

As of Jan. 21, there was no set date for the construction to be completed nor for the basement services to reopen.

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