July 15, 2024

Aries: Taking some time to unleash your creativity will help to rid you of built up frustrations.

This weekend: Create something unique.

Taurus: You have been saving your pennies and the time has come to splurge. Don’t let a big financial opportunity pass you by.

This weekend: Spending.

Gemini: You are feeling restless. Your wanderlust will bring you somewhere unexpected.

This weekend: Keep your eyes open.

Cancer: Lowering your guard will make room for someone new and intriguing.

This weekend: Letting people in.

Leo: With things in full swing once more, you might be having problems getting back up to speed. Feed your enthusiasm to get back in the game.

This weekend: Assemble.

Virgo: You know the only thing stopping you from getting what you want it you. Why are you agonizing about it?

This weekend: Advance.

Libra: Someone close to you wants to connect. You’ll both benefit if you can make it happen.

This weekend: Analysis.

Scorpio: You like to have things on your terms, but try letting someone else drive for once.

This weekend: Fold.

Sagittarius: Slow down! You’ll see that you don’t need to look far to get what you want.

This weekend: Quality time.

Capricorn: Well-intentioned people close to you will try to change your course, but stick to your guns.

This weekend: Silver.

Aquarius: How will people hear you if you don’t speak up? Your idea is sound, now make it happen.

This weekend: Vision.

Pisces: Now it’s your turn to be there for someone else. Get to it!

This weekend: Hook.

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