July 15, 2024


Conestoga College students had the opportunity to become involved with the school and community at the Get Involved Fair.

On Jan. 16, agencies in the community and departments at the college set up booths in the Student Life Centre and the E-wing, handing out pamphlets, pictures, fun tokens and information about their organizations.

Students could visit each display and learn what the agency does for the community or school and get information about how they could potentially volunteer at those places.

“At each of the respective campuses we try to find community partners that are close to that area and that are very passionate and want students involved with their work,” said Laura Black, a Student Life programmer at Conestoga.

“It’s mainly about getting students involved in more than just the basic classroom requirements so that they can start building networks, professional networks, working together, building on new skills and using their leadership a little bit more.”

The Get Involved Fair takes place in the fall and winter, usually during the third week of classes at the Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Doon campuses.

“We had 61 exhibits over all the campuses … which was great,” Black said.

Community partners at the fair included the Canadian Cancer Society, Sexual Assault Support Centre, the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society and Ray of Hope.

Many of the organizations that come to the Get Involved Fair do so each year.

“A lot of people have a lot of good things to say about the Get Involved Fair and love when we send the invitation out to get them involved year after year. I already have some people looking forward to next year’s which is great and … we are always looking for new community partners who want to join in,” Black said.

Partners come specifically to Conestoga for the fair. It gives the agencies the opportunity to not only look for volunteers, but spread the word about what they do.

It is also a chance for students to sell themselves and to find work placements.

All the services run all year, so students who are interested in volunteering are still able to.

“I think it is another opportunity to build on their (students’) skills … it really helps boost a resume, it really helps boost a network … and Conestoga is about building them. One way of doing that is volunteering and getting involved in different ways,” Black said. “I strongly encourage students to come out and do so or to still pursue it.”

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