May 30, 2024


Even with a finicky sound system and no lyrics to follow along with, students crooned, rocked and even line danced their way through the semester’s first CSI Open Talent Nooner.

The Sanctuary was packed on Jan. 14 as students took in the weekly deals of Toonie Tuesday as well as the bar, but many arrived not knowing that they were about to be entertained by the talented students of Doon campus.

Open to anyone who wanted some time on stage, whether it be for dancing, singing or even making a few good jokes, all were encouraged to take the stage and many arrived fully prepared to show off their skills.

Even CSI members Brendan Hancock and Samantha Schwier got in on the fun. With Hancock on guitar and Schwier on vocals, the duo pumped up the crowd for Country Night, which was held later on that week, with their rendition of Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.

While some of the performers just flew by the seat of their pants, others arrived much more prepared, including an unnamed band of four students that included first-year general arts and sciences student, Brian Sandoval, who explained that the group really just wanted to see how they would do onstage.

“We all kind of wanted to try it out since the four of us enjoy music,” Sandoval said. “We kind of figured that we didn’t have to be flawless so we just took a chance and got up on stage.”

Despite the packed house and lineup of acts, not all students were pleased by the timing of the event, including Imarith Singh, a second-year marketing student, who thinks that the time of these events should be changed to accommodate more students.

“I think events like these should be held later in the day and not 11 to three,” Singh said. “A lot of people are busy during that time.”

According to Schwier, who co-ordinated the event, the timing was specifically chosen to line up with when the bar in the Sanctuary was open to help attract more students to the venue.

Despite the success of the Nooner one question still remains on everybody’s mind: did Sandoval and his group ever come up with a name?

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