July 15, 2024


You better dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge if you want to survive this game. After all, those are the five Ds of dodgeball.

On Nov. 29 a dodgeball tournament was held in the rec centre at Conestoga College with a grand prize of $200 being awarded to the winning team.

The players had fun with their team names. Some were even spoofs taken from the movies Dodgeball and Anchorman, while one was named the Green Human Beings after the TV show Community.

Others were Dodge Fellas, O’Hulihans Heros, IBM Dodgers, Ball Shockers, Fairy Fluffs, The Average Joes, the Bear Traps, In It To Win It, The Woody’s and The Red Channel 4 News Team.

The rules were simple (they were much like the rules from regular dodgeball): 1. You could only hit below the shoulders. 2. If you were outside the green lines – you were out. 3. If you threw the ball and your opponent caught it – you were out. 4. It was the best two out of three. Oh, and the final and most important rule of all: make sure none of the six volleyballs hit you (that was an automatic out). Other than that, all was fair in this game of friendly fire.

The court was divided into two sides, so that there were two games going on at once. The event was held for five hours in a round-robin style.

The tournament started off well for some of the teams, while others such as Ball Shockers and Fairy Fluffs were eliminated after their first game. Dodge Fellas, The Red Channel 4 News Team, O’Hulihans Heros, In It To Win It and IBM Dodgers followed soon after them.

That left the Bear Traps and The Average Joes to square off on one court, while The Woody’s and Green Human Beings faced each other on the other.

The Bear Traps ended up being crowned champions and taking home the grand prize.

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