July 15, 2024


Looking back on 2013, the world saw some of the greatest trends to hit photo shoots and runways. New styles were born, and old looks were given a facelift. But as they say, out with the old and in with the new. So it’s time to put to bed those old trends, and broaden our horizons for what 2014 will be bringing to the fashion world.

As designers such as Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang are putting on their pre-fall fashion shows, and clothing stores are steadily approaching their launch of spring lines for mid-February, only one question comes to mind, what will we be seeing for spring 2014?

What we do know for sure is that spring is the time when designers let their hair down, as they bring out flashier colours, floral prints and lower neck lines. Really anything that screams, “Spring is here and we don’t care.”

What about winter you ask? Every fashionista thinks months in advance about what they are going to wear. Even though it says February on the calendar, it’s already March in their minds. No greater example of that comes from Cailin Moir, a fashion consultant at Town Shoes, Fairview Park Mall. “I’m excited for 2014.

All of the blogs I follow are already showing their sun dresses and it’s making me anxious to start dressing up, but the weather is slowing me down. Town shoes also has their spring line coming out too and from what I’ve seen, my discount is going to come in pretty handy. For 2014, I predict that grunge look will come into play. You know the whole ripped jeans, plaid shirt tied around the waist look. I like it, but it has to be done right.”

What can we expect for sure from 2014? Well, for starters, a whole lot of shoes. Super-star, hip-hop recording artist, Kanye West, is putting out his own line of T-shirts. Also, if you’re a fan of the Air Yeezy’s 1&2, then you’re in luck.

The 35-year-old Grammy winner has landed a deal with Adidas to make his own shoe line. Don’t worry ladies, not only will the fellas have great new shoes to consider, so will you. Mark Jacobs has recently signed a shoe deal with pop sensation Miley Cyrus, and Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Men are finally getting the flash they deserve in 2014, and it’s not only the male models in front of the cameras either.

There is a new trend in the works and it’s shine. Designers are working harder to give men the statement pieces they deserve without involving huge chains and jewelry.

So what designers are using are glossy and metallic finishes to get the job done?

Topman design and Christopher Kane have both turned up the sheen, and as Rihanna would say, made the men, “Shine bright like a diamond.”

Clothes, shoes and accessories seem to be the main attractions on the minds of what is up and coming for 2014, but what about the stuff every girl stole from her mother’s room growing up? Makeup! And it’s bigger and better than ever before. MAC Cosmetics has a lot of great things in the works this year, with collaborations with Kelly Osbourne and Rihanna. Not only that, they just launched their first collection for spring called, A Fantasy of Flowers. Local MAC artist and first-year business administration student, Anastasia Dao, has the inside scoop of what MAC has planned for 2014.

“A lot of the new MAC collections are bringing natural glow back. Tons of shimmers and metallics are in as well. Even though matte is a fantastic look, it is so last year. This year it is all about the dewy look. What I’ve been noticing in store is that MAC is really bringing back colour. Right now their Punk Couture line is filled with daring colours such as neo-orange pigment and that name just screams colour!”

Clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup, nothing new or different about those four, but 2014 is making it seem like nothing will be the same about them.

Designers working with rappers, men’s fashion lines are becoming more daring, and makeup is changing how we will see someone’s face, again.

It’s an exciting year ahead from what has been announced. But for what hasn’t been, have your seat belts strapped because it’s looking like it may be a crazy, and wild ride.

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