June 1, 2023

 Aries: You’re on a roll recently, but don’t let it get to your head. Savour a moment of clarity instead.

This weekend: Rhythm.

Taurus: You’re trying to help someone, but it’s something they need to work through on their own. Let them know you’re there if they need you.

This weekend: Shine.

Gemini: You look good and you feel good. It’s time to enjoy the mood and hit the town.

This weekend: Indulge.

Cancer: You’re lovable and you make people around you happy – so get out there and spend time with people!

This weekend: Application.

Leo: Something is bothering you, and if you don’t work through it soon, you’ll find that it is a distraction when faced with more enjoyable fare.

This weekend: Quality time.

Virgo: You deserve a break. Instead of being modest, arrange for some time to take a load off.

This weekend: Blur.

Libra: Something going on around you could use a touch of your class. Just try to be polite when offering your refined sensibilities.

This weekend: Glory.

Scorpio: Back away from the drama and do your own thing. Put the earbuds in and go on a journey, if that’s your thing.

This weekend: Slide.

Sagittarius: You’re in a situation right now that isn’t working. Get out of it. You’ll be a lot happier once you’re unfettered.

This weekend: Breaking the chains.

Capricorn: Instead of comparing yourself to everyone else, why not take a look at the huge steps you’ve taken recently? You’re on the rise.

This weekend: Grain.

Aquarius: It’s one of those situations where if you don’t do it, no one will. You thrive under pressure. Lead on.

This weekend: The Path.

Pisces: You’ve got a big opportunity coming up, and you need to keep an open mind about it, despite recent events.

This weekend: Parabola.

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