June 12, 2024

Aries: There is a lot to do and your plate may seem full. Luckily, things are about to clear up.

This weekend: Stack.

Taurus: Things keep popping up but surprises keep thing interesting, even if they can be annoying. Manage it and try to adapt.
This weekend: Sorting.

Gemini: That reading week was a breather in the sprint that is the second semester. Hopefully you caught your breath it’s time to finish strong.
This weekend: Focus.

Cancer: A look at something away from school or work could give you a nice boost.
This weekend: Wandering.

Leo: Trying to arrange things so many separate things go together is tough work and sometimes it doesn’t work. That can be okay, take it easy.
This weekend: Alchemy.

Virgo: Hard work and determination usually pay off. This is true for you too.
This weekend: Grit.

Libra: It takes some strength to speak the truth that you’re thinking. Looking at how often you and those close to you do this can tell you a lot.
This weekend: Bold.

Scorpio: A break from routine could be just what you needed, look for an opportunity to do that.
This weekend: Shake up.

Sagittarius: Positivity has power, for results and feelings. Use the power.
This weekend: Inspired.

Capricorn: Catching up with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile may have more of an impact than small talk usually does.
This weekend: Thread.

Aquarius: Material goods aren’t everything but saving up for something special can yield rewards in itself.
This weekend: Bank.

Pisces: Habits can be good or bad. Now could be the time for you to adopt a good one or get rid of a bad one.
This weekend: Picks.

This week’s horoscope was written by Corduroy Blue, who knows the magic schools of Divination, Conjuration and, of course, Mysticism.

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