July 15, 2024


“Let the games begin,” said Zach Dodge, CSI’s communication co-ordinator, as the 20 competitors were named for Conestoga’s first ever rock, paper, scissors competition.

The cutthroat contest was held in the Sanctuary, and was open to anyone who wanted to play. To be involved, all a student had to do was sign up and wait to be called.

At noon, when the games began, the 20 outgoing students all eventually took the stage, in front of a packed Sanctuary, to show everyone who was the best at rock, paper, scissors.

Each game lasted no longer than 10 seconds. It was the best two out of three, and then it was on to the next person. The Sanctuary crowd roared with laughter as each competitor came on to the stage to play. Even if someone lost, they won a smile, and that’s all Dodge really wanted.

“I want the games to be a stress-free environment for everyone. I saw the success of rock, paper, scissors at other schools and just wanted to give it a try. It’s free, fun, interactive and it gets the students involved. Why pay for a comedian or a band when you can host a game for free?” Dodge said.

An hour later it was down to the final two competitors, Melanie Richter and Jason Cunha-lautsch. With their game faces on, one was ready to reign supreme for the bragging rights, and a mystery prize.

“Rock, paper, scissors,” cheered the crowd as Melanie and Jason started. Since it was the finals it was the best three out of five games. Melanie took an early lead, winning the first two games. But Jason came back and won the next two. It all came down to the final throw of their hands. Melanie’s paper covered Jason’s rock and she became Conestoga’s first ever rock, paper, scissors champion.

Spoke caught up with the champ after she claimed her prize and waved to the crowd.

“It was easy, fun, interactive and I knew how to play,” said Richter a first-year health and fitness promotion student. “I feel like a star. It was a really good booster for the day.”

The top three players won movie passes, and new friends were made.

The Sanctuary always has something going on for students to get involved in. There are posters around the campus of upcoming events from CSI, so keep an eye out and you could just be Conestoga’s next champion.

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