June 8, 2023


Students who participated in Conestoga residence’s Fear Factor contest found some of the challenges hard to swallow.

Two of the four rounds consisted of eating something unpleasant, with one round requiring contestants to eat whipped cream covered in hot sauce.

Another round had them swallowing a cup full of sardines.

“I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating dinner tonight because it was pretty gross,” said Melissa Darroch, a second-year architecture project and facility management student. “Like my ears are still burning from the hot sauce.”

Darroch won both eating rounds but Kendra Terpstra, a first-year public relations student, won the other two rounds.

One involved digging through bowls of spaghetti to find cut-outs of animals and then figuring out which word could be spelled using the first letter of each animal’s name. The other was an egg race.

The contest went to a tie-breaker, where whoever could wall sit the longest walked away with the prize, a large pizza

“I don’t really care,” said Darroch. “Personally, I was just in it for the fun.”

Terpstra was surprised to win.

“After she ate the sardines, I was feeling like it was game over for me,” Terpstra said, “but, I came back.”

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