July 15, 2024


“If it seems too good to be true, it is.”

Those were the words spoken by Conestoga College security and parking supervisor Barb Eichholz regarding an alleged scam attempt that took place during the last week of January in one of the parking lots at the Doon campus.

Although Eichholz said that her security team did not get an official complaint on this specific attempt, word got around amongst college students that a man was trying to sell electronics in the parking lot in an effort to scam any would-be buyers.

According to Eichholz, this is not the first time someone has tried to do this under her watch, as she believes the college presents too good of an opportunity for scammers because of students always wanting to get a good deal.

“We have had these people in the past, maybe three or four times, mainly in September; it’s a target-rich environment for people to pull their scams.”

One particular scam that has prompted security to ask the sellers to leave the campus on more than one occasion is people selling spa packages.

Eichholz reminds students to never purchase anything from anyone not operating out of a booth, that would first be approved by Facilities Management, and to immediately contact Security Services (located across from the library at the Doon campus) if you have any doubts or concerns with sellers on the campus grounds.

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