December 8, 2022


Canadian groundhogs are like most sports fans when it comes to trying to predict something. They can never agree! This year two out of three groundhogs predicted an early spring with Ontario’s own Wiarton Willie predicting six more teeth-chattering weeks of the white stuff.

But then why are we listening to a creature sometimes referred to as a whistle-pig?

Regardless of whether students believe in Groundhog Day or not, people should still continue to try and stay as warm as possible when travelling.

One great way to stay warm is by going with the age-old Canadian tradition of bundling up, taking it to the extreme, especially when waiting for buses. Ian Kennaley, a graduate of the police foundation program at Conestoga College, takes layering to the next level.

“I wear warm pyjama bottoms underneath my pants,” Kennaley said.

Of course, some students, such as second-year journalism broadcast student Kail Walters, take waiting or doing just about anything in the cold as a challenge and use the weather as an opportunity to put a smile on someone else’s face.

“For me, I dance,” Walters said. “I seem a little crazy doing it but if it keeps me warm and puts a smile on someone’s face, then I can afford to look a little crazy.”

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